24-Hour Concierge Services
Whether seeing you off to work or welcoming you home, our well-trained, professional, and friendly concierge team is always here to greet you with a smile and kind words. They are available 24 hours a day to assist residents with services such as announcing guests, package receipt, restaurant reservations, dry cleaning drop-off/pickup, key releases and more. Our friendly team of concierges is here to ensure that your living experience is always of the highest quality and standard.

Residential & Community Website
The Mayfair Tower Community Website is the key to our community providing such services as package tracking to key releases, resident classifieds on the bulletin board to common area service requests. You can also update your resident profile, communicate with Management and the Board of Directors, download useful forms, and review important Association documents.

Access Control Systems
Mayfair Tower is equipped with access control and monitoring systems to assist in providing our residents with privacy and a comfortable living experience. A system of access cards and fobs, timed door locks, as well as a series of cameras and intercom systems allows our staff to control access to the community as well as monitor most common areas 24 hours a day.